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Member Benefits

Primary Member Benefits

FIA Primary Members are limited to clearing members that hold customer funds and thus contribute substantially to the safety and soundness of the market infrastructure. A substantial amount of FIA resources are devoted to supporting the critical role these members play in the cleared derivatives markets. FIA membership is corporate, so all staff at our primary member firms are eligible to take advantage of the following benefits:

Policy Development. Primary members can participate in the FIA Divisions, committees and working groups involved in the development of regulatory policy initiatives and stay up to date with issues that could impact their business.

Advocacy and Access. Primary members directly benefit from the extensive access to policymakers and regulators that FIA offers, as well as our advocacy efforts aimed at strengthening and growing our industry.

Governance. As a primary member, you are eligible to hold a seat on the FIA Board or a seat on any of the FIA Regional Advisory Boards.

Networking. FIA global conferences and regional and local events allow members to connect with industry peers and business prospects.

FIA staff at your call. FIA now covers Americas, Europe and Asia and our staff becomes an extension of your staff by providing answers to questions, making connections with other industry professionals and sharing insights on industry developments and regulatory changes.

Information flow. Primary members can subscribe to daily and weekly newsletters from all regions as well as MarketVoice magazine. Information will be delivered in a variety of formats including email, print, podcast, webinar and video.

Documentation. Primary members are eligible to subscribe for an additional fee to a wide range of documentation services including standard industry swap execution agreement templates, legal opinions on the enforceability of standard FIA netting provisions, CCP risk reviews, EMIR and MiFID II/R compliant terms of business and many more.

Operational Efficiency Projects. Primary members can participate in the design and development of systems and services that provide industry-wide efficiencies such as those services provided through FIA Tech Services.

Data. Primary members have access to worldwide monthly volume and open interest data in Excel format. FIA collects volume data from more than 60 exchanges in North and South America, Europe and Asia.

Divisions. Primary members have the opportunity to participate in FIA Divisions, which give members the opportunity to discuss common issues, exchange ideas, give input to the FIA board, exchanges and other regulatory and self-regulatory bodies, and network with peers.

Webinars. Primary members can participate in live webinars designed to keep you abreast of industry and regulatory developments in all regions or listen at your convenience from our library of webinars. Access is free or available at significantly reduced rates for global members.

Training. Primary members can enroll their staff and clients in online training courses related to compliance and market conduct at discounted rates. 

Conference registration. Primary members receive discounts on conference registrations for any conference in the world along with substantial discounts for sponsorship and exhibitor packages.

Member-only events. Primary members can attend member-only events, focusing on new developments in the industry, held throughout the year across all regions.

Contacts. Your membership of FIA gives you the ability to establish contacts all over the world. Have a question about a market practice in Asia? Need to know how MiFID II will impact your business? Does the CFTC address cybersecurity? Take advantage of your FIA network to answer questions you may have.


To learn more about primary membership, please contact


Associate Member Benefits

FIA associate membership is corporate, so all staff at our member firms are eligible to take advantage of the following benefits:

Advocacy.  Our advocacy efforts focus on ensuring that the cleared derivative markets are well-regulated around the globe. We support our members by engaging policymakers and other stakeholders who have an interest in preserving the integrity of these markets. 

Member Forums. FIA manages a number of divisions (U.S.), committees and working groups globally and regionally. These groups provide forums through which members can provide and gain insights and contribute to the shaping of FIA’s unified agenda and advocacy. 

Market Information. FIA delivers updates and education via a variety of channels, including newsletters, MarketVoice magazine, and webinars. The corporate nature of membership means that any staff at member firms can subscribe individually to specific and relevant updates.

Data. In support of its mission to promote better understanding of and greater transparency into the global derivatives markets, FIA publishes a range of industry metrics. These include levels of trading activity on exchanges and swap execution facilities as well as the number of clearing firms in the U.S. and market share trends.

Documentation. FIA works closely with member firms to develop industry-standard agreements and other documentation that all market participants can use to support their trading and clearing functions as well as ensure regulatory compliance in different jurisdictions. These include standard give-up agreements, client clearing and execution agreements, risk disclosure statements and exchange-specific agreements, as well as legal opinions. 

Networking. FIA’s global conferences and regional events allow members to connect with colleagues and business prospects. Membership of FIA means discounted access to conferences and sponsorship opportunities. Additionally, FIA hosts a number of member-only briefings throughout the year.

Training. FIA Training delivers valuable learning opportunities that cover important topics like market conduct and compliance. Developed by industry professionals, FIA Training helps market participants better understand the way markets work and the rules that protect them.


To learn more about Associate Membership, please contact





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