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Futures Hall of Fame 2005

In recognition of the outstanding contributions of members of the futures and options community, I am pleased to announce that the FIA has established a Futures Hall of Fame.

As we celebrate our 50th anniversary it is fitting that the FIA institute this Hall of Fame to celebrate the accomplishments and recognize the significant contributions individuals have made to the futures and options industry. I have no doubt that the next 50 years will bring as many changes to our industry as the last 50, but one thing will remain constant—our respect and gratitude to the individuals who laid the foundation for our extraordinary success.

It is important that the people who lead this industry today understand the contributions made by those who came before them. We are benefiting from the ground they broke, and the programs and policies they put in place.

Please join with us in celebrating the legacy the men and women who share this honor leave behind. Congratulations and our heartfelt thanks to the 2005 FIA Futures Hall of Fame honorees.

John Damgard
Futures Industry Association

2005 Inductees

* denotes former chairman of the FIA

  • Dr. Fred D. Arditti, former chief economist, Chicago Mercantile Exchange
  • John F. Benjamin, former executive vice president, Salomon Smith Barney
  • Lloyd C. Blankfein, president and chief operating officer, Goldman Sachs & Co. 
  • D. Keith Campbell, chairman and chief executive officer, Campbell & Co. 
  • Max C. Chapman Jr., former co-chairman and chief executive officer, Nomura Securities International 
  • *John J. Conheeney, former chairman, Merrill Lynch Futures 
  • *Michael C. Dawley, managing director, Goldman Sachs & Co. 
  • Thomas H. Dittmer, founder, Refco 
  • Barbara S. Dixon, president, Spackenkill Trading Corp. 
  • Senator Robert J. Dole, former Kansas Senator and Senate Majority Leader 
  • Thomas R. Donovan, former president and chief executive officer, Chicago Board of Trade 
  • Marcy Engel, managing director and general counsel, Eton Park Capital Management 
  • Robert B. Feduniak, former managing director, Morgan Stanley 
  • *W. Robert Felker, managing director, futures and options, J.P. Morgan Futures Inc. 
  • *David R. Ganis, former president, Northern Futures 
  • *John T. Geldermann, founder, Geldermann & Co. and former chairman, Chicago Mercantile Exchange 
  • John F. Gilmore, Jr., former partner, Goldman Sachs & Co. and former chairman, Chicago Board of Trade 
  • Alan Greenspan, chairman, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve 
  • *Hal T. Hansen, former president, Cargill Investor Services 
  • John W. Henry, chairman, John W. Henry & Co. Inc. 
  • *Ronald M. Hersch, senior managing director, Bear Stearns & Co. Inc. 
  • Dr. Henry Jarecki, founder, Mocatta Metals Inc., founder, Brody White & Co. 
  • Michael N. Jenkins, former chief executive officer, London International Financial Futures Exchange 
  • Paul Tudor Jones II, chairman, Tudor Investment Corporation 
  • *Peter F. Karpen, former director, futures and options, Credit Suisse First Boston 
  • *George D. F. Lamborn, former senior executive vice president, Shearson Hayden Stone 
  • *Jack H. Lehman III, former senior executive vice president, Salomon Smith Barney 
  • Barry J. Lind, founder, Lind-Waldock 
  • *Arthur R. Marcus, former director, commodity division, Paine Webber 
  • Leo Melamed, chairman emeritus, Chicago Mercantile Exchange 
  • *Laurence E. Mollner, former president, Carr Futures 
  • Dennis M. Murray, vice president, J.P. Morgan Futures 
  • Charles P. Nastro, former managing director, Lehman Brothers 
  • Michael G. Philipp, chairman and chief executive officer, CSFB Europe, Middle East & Africa 
  • Dr. Susan M. Phillips, dean, George Washington University School of Business and Public Management 
  • Ivers W. Riley, chairman, International Securities Exchange 
  • Leslie Rosenthal, founder, Rosenthal Collins Group 
  • Thomas A. Russo, vice chairman and chief legal officer, Lehman Brothers Inc. 
  • Dr. Richard L. Sandor, chairman and chief executive officer, Chicago Climate Exchange 
  • Mary L. Schapiro, vice chairman and president, regulatory policy and oversight, National Association of Securities Dealers 
  • *John P. Sievwright, chief operating officer, global markets and investment banking, Merrill Lynch 
  • Craig F. Smithson, former executive director, UBS 
  • *Steven D. Spence, former managing director, Merrill Lynch 
  • John H. Stassen, retired senior partner, Kirkland & Ellis 
  • Olof Stenhammar, chairman, OMX AB 
  • *Howard A. Stotler, former partner, Stotler & Co. 
  • Dennis A. Suskind, former head of metals trading, Goldman Sachs & Co.
  • Paula A. Tosini, former executive vice president, Institute for Financial Markets 
  • Kenneth G. Tropin, founder and chairman, Graham Capital Management 
  • Frederick G. Uhlmann, senior vice president, Man Financial and former chairman, Chicago Board of Trade 
  • *David J. Vogel, managing director, Citigroup Global Markets Inc. 
  • F. Helmut Weymar, former chairman and chief executive officer, Commodities Corporation 
  • Robert K. Wilmouth, former president, National Futures Association
  • John A. Wing, former chief executive officer, The Chicago Corporation 
  • Benjamin Wolkowitz, former managing director, Morgan Stanley





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