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Diversity & Inclusion Initiative

FIA is proud to announce its Board-level Diversity Committee; an initiative addressing the importance of diversity and inclusion in our industry.

The mission statement of the new initiative states that:

FIA recognizes the benefits that diversity and inclusion can bring to an organization. FIA is committed to fostering diversity and inclusion and will strive to encourage, support and celebrate the diverse voices both within the organization and the industry at large.

Diversity encompasses a range of human differences. All areas of diversity and inclusion deserve recognition in our industry.

The committee is chaired by FIA Board member Alicia Crighton (Goldman Sachs) who is joined by other board members, including FIA Chair Jerome Kemp (Citigroup Global Markets), Vice Chair Nicholas Rustad (J.P. Morgan Securities), and Secretary Najib Lamhaouar (HSBC Bank plc), as well as the President of FIA’s Operations Americas Division Maria Mancusi (ABN AMRO Clearing Chicago), and FIA executives COO Jackie Mesa, Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel Allison Lurton and CCO Emma Davey.

FIA will be rolling out a number of projects and activities aimed at addressing this topic throughout its many global conferences, for example, by targeting greater participation by diverse individuals on programs and raising awareness of the issue throughout its panels.

“When companies foster a climate of diversity, it is my belief that they work better, smarter and are more productive,” said Diversity Committee Chair and FIA Board Member Alicia Crighton.  “FIA alone cannot solve this problem, but by raising awareness and focusing on how this industry needs to be more inclusive and promote diversity, we can make the changes that will help companies succeed.”

“I am extremely proud that the board of FIA has formed this committee and is willing to take on this issue in our industry,” said FIA President and CEO Walt Lukken. “On behalf of the board of directors, this initiative will continue to increase speaker diversity on our conference programs as well as raise the topic frequently and forcefully. Our keynote speaker at this year’s Boca conference illustrates this intention – with the founder of Girls Who Code, Reshma Saujani highlighting the importance of fostering diversity in the technology space.”

Read more about FIA's Board-level Diversity Initiative

A Snapshot of FIA Boca Attendee Views on Diversity

At FIA’s flagship conference in Boca in March, attendees responded to a number of questions on diversity in the industry, with the vast majority stating that lack of diversity and some negative or a major negative impact on the industry.

Among the suggestions of how FIA can help address the issue were the following:

  • Education initiatives for rising diverse talent
  • Provide a forum for dialogue on the issue
  • Networking events highlighting diverse representatives from the industry
  • Specific panels addressing the diversity issue
  • Setting a target for minimum number of diverse individuals on panels
  • Events honoring rising diverse representatives from the industry

How should FIA engage with other industry organizations to increase the dialogue of diversity?

  • Respondents suggested FIA reach out to diversity and inclusion groups within member firms to share and understand best practice across the industry and consider coordinated initiatives. FIA should also keep the issues of diversity and inclusion on the agenda for discussion and highlight areas where it is lacking, building up relevant data to support this work.
  • FIA should also use this initiative to help bring next generation, diverse participants to the industry.

Watch excerpt of Opening Keynote Panel from Boca 2019


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